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Using recycled products can save lots of energy, materials such as trees and water and reduce hazards for the environment Manufacturing recycled paper produces 74 % less air pollution and 35 % less water pollution. One tonne of recycled paper saves 3,700 pounds of lumber and 24,000 gallons of water.
corn starch Packaging

All over the world, the road to ecologically safe, consumer-friendly packaging is beginning to have a real impact, spurred on by increasingly tougher recycling regulations in countries all over the world. Companies are currently showing interest in alternative materials such as cornstarch to help reduce landfill as a method for disposal, which also helps cut down on green house gas emissions. Starch is nature's way of storing energy. When the germ,it depends on the starch to feed it until it can establish roots and leaves and begin to gather its own energy.
Starch is simply sugar (glucose) that is strung together in long chains for easy storage. Just about every leafy plant makes some kind of starch.

Later on we have worked on another materials such as cornstarch and discovered some new technology and we have found that corn starch based products are competitive to plastics in just about everyway with price and durability. This new technology can also help to reduce the millions of tonnes of plastic waste that accumulate every year. The cornstarch products are made mainly from cornstarch with blending and polymerizing with aliphatic materials (such as PLA, PHBV, and PCL).

We have expanded our packaging range from cassava starch to a new cornstarch range as well. This includes fast food trays, plates, cups and cutlery for catering companies in-house and on the move, takeaways shops and so on. We have also developed fruit and meat trays for the use in supermarkets to help reduce the waste that is compiled from the every day use in the normal household. All these products are made from cornstarch and are biodegradable. They have proven to be very popular for people who are busy, on the move, environmentally conscious and friend. All these products were developed to help combat Styrofoam or polystyrene type packaging produced as a very high quantity of waste comes from all these areas, and all these products are usually only used once. Eco Go packaging solves this problem.

Corn starch packaging is biodegradable which starch based products. There are number of questions regarding performance of starch based products whether they can function desirably. Not only our corn starch packaging is friendly to the environment but it also has alike performance to plastic packaging. It is durability and dimensional stability although it contains liquid. It can be used in any condition whether heating the food in microwave, holding wet or dry dishes. From the raw material to the final biodegradation, biodegradation products come into nature with the function of photosynthesis.

Can with stand temperature from -20 C to 130 C
Can be heated up in the microwave up to 10 minutes
Biodegradable with in 72 days and all degradable components
can decompose in 180 days
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